Adult Sunday School

At New Covenant, one of the ways we grow in our relationship to Jesus is through our Adult Sunday School program. This takes place on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15. adult education 

Our aim is to provide Christ-centered teaching that helps us better understand not only what the Bible says but also how it applies to our lives. To that end, we offer classes in either Full-Term (12 weeks) or Mini-Term (4 weeks) settings. During Full-Terms we emphasize Biblical understanding through exegetical/theological classes. This is not to exclude other types of classes that are suited to a longer session (for example a timely family training curriculum, a more thorough worldview curriculum, etc.). It is rather to emphasize Biblical studies.

During Mini-Terms we emphasize the practical application of biblical truth to concrete situations. For example a four week class on a Christian view of finances, disciplining children, understanding depression, engaging media/art as a Christian and other such classes.

During our Mini-Terms we also offer “Pathway” classes. Pathway classes are an ongoing series of classes that deal with the basics of our faith. These classes provide a systematic path by which to gain an understanding of what it means to live as a Christian.

Current Adult Sunday School Classes

Historical Books: 1 and 2 Chronicles

This class will be lead by Pastor Jeremiah Rivera.

The Law: The Pentateuch

The class will be led by Elder Cliff Etheridge