Our Denomination

The Presbyterian Church in America was formed to be a denomination that is

PCA Logo"Faithful to the Scriptures,
  True to the Reformed Faith, and
  Obedient to the Great Commission."

PCA Focus

The PCA is an Evangelical and Reformed Presbyterian denomination.

All officers of the PCA must personally subscribe to and uphold the teachings of the Westminster Standards.

By "Presbyterian, we describe our representative form of church government.  Local churches are governed by a "Session" of "Presbyters" (elders), elected by the members of the congregation. Representatives of local churches within a geographical area compose a "Presbytery." New Covenant Presbyterian Church belongs to the Palmetto Presbytery. Representatives of presbyteries meet annually at a "General Assembly." Thus, through the combined efforts and resources of all the churches, we are enabled to advance God's Kingdom much more effectively.

Visit the PCA website for a more complete History of the PCA.