Officers: Elders & Deacons


The word “Presbyterian” refers to NCPC’s form of government and comes from the Greek word for “elder” or “overseer”. Basically this means that our church is not run by one pastor making all of the decisions, nor is the church run by the majority vote of our members. Instead, we believe that the Bible indicates that churches are to be led by a group of godly, qualified men called and ordained to this office, both as Teaching Elders (TE), or "pastors," and ruling elders (RE), or "lay-elders." The qualifications for these men are listed in the Bible (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).

The role of these elders is:

  • Oversight – Guarding the spiritual health of the congregation and the purity of Christ’s church.
  • Governance – Maintaining the order and peace of the life of the church.
  • Nurture –Leading the congregation to maturity through such tasks as teaching, equipping, evangelism, building community, etc.

Any of our elders may be elected to serve a term on "Session", which means that, beyond their regular responsibilities to shepherd the congregation, they will meet together monthly to conduct the business of the church.

    Elders (* Indicates Currently serving term on Session)

  • RE Mike Borders*
  • RE George Brodie
  • RE Bruce Brown
  • RE David Burke
  • RE John Cook*
  • RE Don Drinkwater*
  • RE Cliff Etheridge*
  • RE Ken Gray*
  • TE Drew Kornreich*
  • RE Charles Nickell
  • RE Ken Odell
  • RE Rod Rabon
  • TE Jeremiah Rivera
  • RE Gary Senn
  • RE Stu Sheldon
  • RE Terry Shiver*
  • RE Rich Smalley
  • RE Rich Weldon*
  • RE Jim Wilder
  • RE Elmer Wilhite

The word “Deacon” comes from the Greek word for servant. Deacons are qualified and called men who lead our congregation in works of service and mercy. The qualifications for Deacons are listed in the Bible as well (1 Timothy 3:8-13).

At NCPC the role of deacons is summarized by:

  • Mercy – Leading NCPC in understanding and meeting the physical and economic needs of people we come in contact with.
    There is a particularly focus on the poor, the sick and the vulnerable.
  • Helps – Tending to the ongoing programmatic/practical needs of church life at NCPC.
  • Finance – Promoting a generous spirit in our congregation. Managing and distributing the funds of the church to the glory of Jesus.
  • Building – maintaining the maintenance, use and repair of the church’s property.

Any of our deacons may be elected to serve a term on the Board of Deacons.

Titus 3:14

    Deacons (* Indicates Currently on the Board of Deacons)

  • Anthony Berry*
  • Edward Corbett
  • Ken Fleming*
  • Leslie George
    (Deacon Emeritus)
  • Henry Holley*
  • David Kimball*
  • Chris Kryshtalowych
  • David Little*
  • Mike Marbert
  • Steve Marbert
  • Steve Mason
  • Stan Massingill*
  • Rick Minichan*
  • Glenn Mullins
    (Deacon Emeritus)
  • Phillip Norris*
  • David O'Neal*
  • Tom Pavelek*
  • Roger Pitts
  • Phil Richardson
  • Jeff Robinson
  • Taylor Smith*
  • Jeff Stewart
  • Tony Waters*