Our Sermons

More than anything else, our hope is that our sermons are always thoroughly Biblical and therefore thoroughly Christ-centered. We also seek to preach sermons that show how relevant the Bible is to our everyday lives. Most often our sermons will be taken from a specific text in the Bible (this is called exegetical preaching) but even if we occasionally preach on a specific topic, our goal is to make sure that every sermon is rooted in what God has said about that issue and not what the Pastor's opinion is on the matter. Lastly, we seek to preach sermons that demonstrate that Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus and not about checking off a moral "to-do" list created by man. We do not want to preach about rules to follow, but rather a person to encounter.

Important Note About Smart Phone Sermon Viewing:

To view the sermon videos on your phone or listen to the audio, download the free app, TruthCasting Sermon Player. The app is available for iPhones from the Apple App Store and for Android phones from the Google Play Store.

After you open the TruthCasting Sermon Player App you will need to search for the sermon. Do not search using the name of our church – that will yeild too many results and is likely give you a problem with the app. Instead search for the speaker by last name, such as Kornreich or Rivera. The resulting list of sermons will be in order with the most recent sermon at the top of the list. Alternatively, you could search for a portion of the sermon title. For example, Cole Nickell recently preached a sermon titled "Hope in Turmoil". Searching for the word Turmoil will produce his sermon in the list of results.