Welcome from Our Staff Team

Pastor Todd

We are delighted that you have taken the time to visit our website! Perhaps you have come here because you are exploring options for a church in Aiken, South Carolina. It is also possible that you are new believer in Jesus Christ or simply curious to explore Christianity and the claims of Jesus Christ. Whatever your reason, we want you to know that you are most welcome here!

New Covenant Presbyterian Church is a body of believers in Jesus Christ, striving to be faithful to the scriptures, true to the reformed faith and obedient to the great commission. Our website can help you by providing information regarding what we believe about Jesus, how those truths are shaping us as a community and the ways that we are sharing the love of God in Christ through various ministries.

Still, a website can only reveal so much about who we are as a local expression of the global Church of Jesus Christ, so we invite you to learn more by connecting with us. There are several ways that you can do this.

First, feel free to contact us personally with any questions you might have about our Savior or our congregation. We would love to talk with you about the Gospel and how God is calling us at New Covenant to abundant life in Christ. Second, we welcome you to join us in worship this Sunday morning as well retell the story of God's great love, receive assurance of His unfailing mercy and get equipped by His grace to go out and serve!

Above all else, we hope that you would grant us the opportunity to point you to Jesus. We pray that God, by the power of His Holy Spirit, might begin to reveal to you just how wide, how high and how deep is the love of Christ.

In Him,
Drew Kornreich, Pastor
Jeremiah Rivera, Assistant Pastor
Terry Shiver, Church Administrator
Cindy Morse, Director of Children's Ministry
Heather Graham, Office Administrator